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12 Entrepreneurs Who Are Driven By Passion



12 Entrepreneurs

The cliche idea that loving what you do will cause you to never work a day in your life is often thrown around in conversation. But what is incredibly rare is finding somebody that lives that reality. For these 12 entrepreneurs, taking action on their passions and working as hard as possible to make a living from them has become their reality, and they have found incredible fulfillment and satisfaction as a result.

List Of 12 Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Campau

Jonathan Campau is the Founder and CEO of Luxuri Management LLC.  He is one of the best entrepreneurs and in the list of 12 Entrepreneurs who are self-made. A luxury vacation rental company with properties, yachts, & high-end vehicles in the Miami and Los Angeles areas. Captivated by the hospitality industry since a college freshman being a bellhop, he’s dreamed of owning a super-exclusive luxurious hotel. Like every entrepreneur, he has had struggles along the way and believes that humans relate to other’s struggles which makes his story relatable. The rollercoaster ride has brought ups and downs but the biggest reward of freedom from a desk job and being tied to one place far outweighs the downs. From owning two carwashes to Luxury Management, the journey has taught him to never undercharge or over commit! Between his parents and mentor Larry, the inspiration to persevere in the face of obstacles has only grown throughout the years. And, while he believes in always taking the high road, there’s no reason it can’t also be the high end!

Leonard Person Jr.

His firm also offers credit repair services and business lines of credit as a service, helping clients secure the funding necessary to take action on his real estate teachings. His company’s services allow customers to create multiple streams of income by owning properties without mortgages.

Shawn Anthony

Shawn Anthony is an entrepreneur and top 100 podcast host. After a successful stint as an event and party planner, Anthony knew he could leverage his communication skills to serve a greater purpose. “School’s Over… Now, What?” was the result. The podcast features millionaire entrepreneurs, influencers, CEOs that Shawn interviews to serve an audience looking for inspiration and guidance for a career after college. The podcast has allowed Shawn the ability to make deep personal connections with his incredibly successful guests and influence and inspire his audience at the same time. The show has already charted on Apple’s top 100 list, and his incredible ability to communicate his thoughts and lead an interview is a huge reason why. While his podcast is an incredible start, look for Anthony to continue making a huge impact on a large scale as he continues to grow as a professional and as an entrepreneur.

Kaho Shibuya

Kaho Shibuya is an entrepreneur and entertainer based out of Tokyo, Japan. Her tantalizing personality and incredible talents have helped her to garner a large following, both in Japan and abroad. She has worked in the adult film industry in the past and is not afraid to take huge risks in order to find success. Her time in the entertainment industry has been hugely promising, as she is already slated to appear on an anime series debuting in the near future as a voice actress. Her bilingualism has allowed her to travel to the United States for anime conventions to expand her personal brand, as she is fluent in English. She loves the freedom that being an entrepreneur brings, and will never shy away from taking risks and betting on herself to find success in her career.

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Christoph Filgertshofer

At just 19 years old, Christoph and his team run several eCommerce stores that generate 5 figures in revenue a month. As a kid, he always had the work ethic necessary to make money, and Christoph was able to apply that same mentality to his work after high school. His first venture into eCommerce was a flop, but he doubled down on his efforts to ensure that he would find success. Now, after becoming a massive success in the industry, he partners with Shopify to deliver online educational content to rising eCommerce entrepreneurs in Germany and abroad. He is hopeful that Germany will be the next country to break out onto the scene in eCommerce, and his teachings and mentorship will certainly be a huge reason why.

Jerome Clarah

Jerome Clarah is an entrepreneur and the founder of FreeMinds, a digital marketing firm. The agency focuses on helping clients build personal brands through beautiful photo and video content, website building, and brand consulting. He has found a passion for entrepreneurship thanks for its ability to help him be financially free and have the time to enjoy his wealth rather than serve someone else and their dreams. Jerome is also involved with forex trading, making his money work for him while he focuses on his marketing firm. Clarah has made a lot of mutually beneficial connections, and they have helped his business by leaps and bounds. While he is in an incredibly strong position with his business, he is still looking towards the future and helping his brand reach greatness.

Dennis Kenney

Dennis Kenney is an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. Growing up in Boston, Kenney always had dreams of playing collegiate hockey. While that did not pan out, his passion for fashion drove him to find success without any prior experience or connections in the industry. His social media presence helped him gather a following, and he would waste little time capitalizing on that. After landing his first gig as a creative director, he went full force into working with some of the top awards shows and talk shows. To name a few, Kenney has worked behind the scenes with Good Morning America, the Met Gala, the Academy Awards, and the Grammys. His charismatic personality and willingness to make risky decisions for his clients have helped him quickly make a name for himself in the industry, and his deep network of connections that he has made in the industry will ensure that he remains among the elite in the industry.

Gerardo Pablo Gallo

Gerardo Gallo is a tech entrepreneur based out of Argentina. He has had a passion for technology and creating since he was a boy, and that passion would not fade out as he became an adult. Turning down lucrative job offers in favor of pursuing his own business in the tech space was an easy choice for him, as his sights were set on starting a business. The FULLServices Network was a result, and the company has been running strong for 15+ years now. The network provides free services such as email, chat, movie and TV guides, and calendar programs for people around the globe, and the platform has stayed ahead of its time with up to date and innovative technologies since its inception. With Gallo at the helm, the platform will continue to be revolutionary and ahead of its time as his passion for technology will never cease.

Justin Aldridge

Justin Aldridge is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. His business Breaking Through You is a reflection of his past experiences with anxiety and depression, and he works passionately to help his clients live more intentional purposeful lives. He has a passion for self-development, and his services do not feel like work. He sees his purpose through helping others, and his clients reciprocate his energy which creates a dynamic, powerful relationship between him and his clients. He believes in leading an “uncommon” life, and he passes this idea onto his clients. He also speaks to crowds to spread his message and has transformed himself from someone who was scared to speak to clients on an individual basis to be able to deliver an empowering message to an entire audience. His personal transformation is admirable, but his passion for helping others transform is all the more impressive.

Graham Byers

Graham Byers is an eCommerce and real estate entrepreneur. After selling his first eCommerce business just one year after founding it, he and his business partner relocated to San Juan, Puerto Rico to live their dream lives while still maintaining their two current companies. After seeing his family struggle with the 2008 recession, Byers knew he wanted to be able to provide a living for himself and set out to do so in college. By the time he was out of college, he was well on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur and has not looked back since. He believes in being fully transparent in both success and failure, as this is the only way to truly represent the entrepreneurial journey to someone looking for inspiration. His ability to leverage his failures into learning and pivoting points has been crucial for Byers which is a large reason why he’s been able to become financially free and sell his own company just a year removed from graduating college.

Travis Guterman 

Travis Guterman is a business manager for highly successful celebrities. He acts as their personal CFO to ensure that they reach their long-term financial goals. In addition, he assists them with their taxes, paying bills, insurance, retirement, and investments. One of his strengths is his ability to communicate complex business and tax concepts in an easily understandable way to his clients. Only 28 years old, Guterman has built a significant client roster in an industry where most of his peers are in their 50s. Over half of his clients are the digital talent – i.e. YouTube and Tiktok stars. Guterman was one of the first business managers to see the potential in this fast-growing segment. Since he caters to a younger clientele, he is constantly pushing for new technologies and innovations to implement in his practice.

Justin Ashar

Justin Ashar is the founder of Pug Life Records, a management, record, label, video production, and marketing company dedicated to serving the next generation of artists. Under his guidance, a few of his clients have amassed 350,000 views on YouTube videos and achieved 100,000 downloads of their album within weeks of launching. Ashar does not come from a music background and got involved with the industry completely by accident. After he uploaded a video of himself playing a cover to Drake’s Hotline Bling with an instrument known as a harmonium, he began to see the video gain traction on Facebook. Before he knew it, the video meant to be nothing more than a funny post to show his friends had garnered 1.1 million views. Seeing the power of social media and growing a brand through music, he wasted no time getting involved with rising artists to help them grow and gain traction themselves.

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