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Ahmed Sobhy Has Climbed With Rottweiler Life



Ahmed Sobhy

Ahmed Sobhy has considered himself a dog lover from when he was 8 years old. Their willingness to provide their owners with unconditional love and loyalty has endeared them to humankind. Some are even considered as members of the family.

Countless people from all around the world own at least one dog. However, not everyone knows all that is there to know about dogs. They are informed only about how to take care of their respective breed.

Many dogs have a bad reputation of being violent or aggressive, being shunned by various dog owners. Not all of them receive the same love that their docile counterparts receive. One such breed that is highly misunderstood is the Rottweiler. And this is where Ahmed Sobhy – founder and CEO of Rottweiler Life comes into the picture. 

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Ahmed Sobhy has considered himself a dog lover from when he was 8 years old.  As a little child, he sympathized with the so-called “violent” breed, and never believed in the negative views and information that had been circulating about them. His innocent mind could not fathom the inequality between the different breeds, and he vowed to do something about it.

Ahmed Sobhys Entrepreneurial Journey Begins

Ahmed Sobhy is a young serial entrepreneur from Egypt Born on July 20 Graduated From Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport Department of Computer Engineering, Beside his job in Cybersecurity. He decided that his dreams were worth fighting for. And he knew that a successful career needed his undivided attention.

He started focusing on building his empire of love. First, Sobhy created a small but attractive Facebook fan page for Rottweilers. He knew that there were Rottweiler lovers around, but what he could never have expected was the massive outpour of love and support. In just three weeks his Rottweiler fan page received over 200k followers! he took another leap of faith, and now, his Rottweiler Life Community stands at over 4.6 million followers.

Through these interactions, he realized that there was still a lot of stigma surrounding the breed, which resulted in many people -including Rottweiler owners – having little to no information about their grooming rituals, proper diet, etc.

Keeping this in mind, he created an intricate website dedicated to Rottweiler’s rottweiler life. It provides tips on how to take care of our four-pawed friends. The website served as a boon to Rottweiler owners who considered it as their one-stop site for everything related to Rottweilers. Any question that one might have is sure to be answered here.

Since this website talks specifically about Rottweilers- creating it was a big risk. However, Sobhy’s love for Rottweilers transcended his fear of failure. His risk ultimately paid off as the website witnessed a growing number of loyal followers.

The objective of the website was to shatter all stereotypes that the general public had about Rottweilers. He wanted to show the compassionate and softer side of the breed. It educated the public in an ingenious way along with entertaining them. The website contains many funny video clips of the breed while they interact with different animals like birds, cats, baby chicks, and even toddlers. In 2014, he went on to receive an award for the Best Rottweiler website.

However, Ahmed Sobhy did not stop there. He capitalized on his website’s popularity and introduced a monthly magazine by the same name. If you have a Rottweiler or are planning to get one, you should go ahead and subscribe to this fantastic mag!

Not only a magazine, but Sobhy also has an e-book to his name. The book is a hit among dog lovers and parents alike and has been flying off the shelves. It was also on the bestseller list in the US.

Riding on the success of his website, he transformed it into an LLC Media Company, operating from Florida, USA.

Other than these business ventures, he co-owns a website called Rott-Mart that sells products that cater to the breeds’ needs. He has also created a calendar for dogs and is actively helping animal rescue shelters and organizations.

Ahmed Sobhy does not want to revel in his success – he is a believer in sharing and giving back. Based on the success of his projects, he also started a new venture, Wow Things Media Company. This is a digital marketing company that helps gain much-needed visibility in the internet space through SEO-optimized content, social media management, website and app development, and many more.

In a nutshell, Sobhy’s passion proved profitable for him while bringing value to his customers. It goes to prove that hard work pays off in the end if one is dedicated enough to go all the way.

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