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An Italian Trio Gives Us New Tools for Online Trading


on If you are looking to improve your knowledge about online trading, and the best online brokers, there is a new site that could help you out with your trading experience.

In the trading world, we should always remember that while we are trading CFDs, cryptocurrencies, and FX, we put our money at risk. If we do decide to move forward and assume that risk, we should do our best to decide where and how to place our capital.

Remember: it does not matter if you do understand how CFD, FX, and cryptocurrencies work. There is always a chance to lose your funds.

With that being said, when it comes to receiving help with our financial choices, in this very interesting but at the same time a dangerous world, the new website comes to rescue.

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A Young History is a brand new site specialized in reviews and guides regarding all the online brokers on the market, and it was born in 2014 thanks to three Italian expert traders with a solid background in the field.

The three minds behind this project, after years of working in the field, arrived at a conclusion: there was too much confusion regarding online trading. Since then their goal became one and one only: to clarify and make this chaotic world understandable to everyone.

But how have they intended to succeed in this task? To reach their goal they built a review website that offers to traders of any level many features that go beyond mere reviews.

Website structure

The website looks clear and easy to navigate, and it is divided into 5 main sections:

  • Broker Search
  • Broker Comparison
  • Reviews
  • Best Brokers
  • Guides

Broker Search

Their broker search engine works within their aggregate data and gives us two choices:

  • An advanced search
  • help me to choose a broker system

While the first one is a quite classic advanced search, what strikes the most is the second option.

If we click on “help me to choose a broker”, the website starts a query that will calculate the best broker for our trading level and budget. This is probably one of the most useful features of the website, not only for beginner traders but also for the most skilled.

Broker Comparison

This option gives us the chance to compare the best online Forex brokers using the reviews and the data inside their immense database. It gives us a deep analysis of the main features of the two chosen online brokers, such as:

  • overall rating
  • broker analysis
  • data
  • platform analysis
  • trading fees
  • account features

If you do not know where to start or which broker to compare, the platform gives us the most popular comparisons.

In comparison with the broker search section, this could be very helpful also for those skilled traders that want to switch to another broker.


A classic section where all the online broker reviews made by their experts are located. The reviews are usually quite detailed, with original data taken from the brokers and many other analyses such as fees, account features, and minimum deposit.

Best Brokers

A clear section where all the best brokers are rated and divided by a variety of attributes and qualities.

This section has three subsections which are very helpful if we already have in mind what is the most useful attribute where our online broker has to shine:

  • Countries
  • Regulations
  • Platforms
  • Type
  • Account
  • Technique


Another classic section where we can find out many useful guides about the features that online brokers and online trading have to offer.

In Conclusion

While having many features that people could see as “classic” or “ordinary”, we must admit that offers its users many original features that can be extremely helpful.

What has drawn our attention is the broker search engine and the broker comparison. Those two features could be one of the best options to see through the chaos of online trading, both for beginners and skilled traders. With that being said, if clarity was the goal of our “Italian Trio”, we can say that they reached it.

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