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Ancient Antidote Is a One-Stop-Shop That Provides USDA-Certified CBD Products



Ancient Antidote

About Ancient Antidotes: Without a doubt, organic products always tend to be better than their non-organic counterparts. Unfortunately, most CBD brands do not adhere to these standards. Luckily, for the more discerning customers, multimedia artist, educator, and musician, Eric Montross, and his partner Anton Hasratian have established a brand that blows the competition out of the water. The brand is called Ancient Antidote, a USDA-certified, organic, full-spectrum CBD company that only uses hand-crafted artisanal creations built with love.

Ancient Antidote

Their CBD products contain a unique blend of powerful therapeutic essential oils that most brands don’t have. Eric has also made sure that the art direction and brand identity of Ancient Antidote are consistently high-quality. They use the media content to tell unique and engaging stories across various forms of media such as infographics, videos, merchandise, and other forms of audio-visual storytelling.

Ancient Antidotes aims to promote optimized health and wellness in the human body for all of its customers. All of the USDA certified hemps is grown in the fertile Willamette Valley near the mouth of Mary’s River in Philomath, Oregon. Montross creates the branding, media design, and storytelling elements for Ancient Antidotes through his own Illuminertia studio. As a bonus, customers can also receive a free hour-long, sound-healing recording when they sign up for the newsletter.

With the many talents of Eric, who is the co-founder of Ancient Antidotes, they have devised an incredible brand that provides not only incredible products but also an enhanced experience through storytelling. Eric is no stranger to the media arts. He has released over twenty full-length albums that he produced on his own independent record label, Illuminertia. His latest LP entitled Illuminertia—Raise Your Vibration, is scheduled for release this summer.

Eric also owns his very own video production company called Macro shift Media. Macro shift Media creates inspirational media designed to help guide humanity toward breakthrough scenarios where people are living a more conscious existence here on earth. They recently released two award-winning stop motion animated shorts entitled Illuminertia—Come Inside My House, and The Inner World of Edgar. Both of which won the Indie Fest Award of Merit, while Illuminertia is being premiered at the Tokyo Lift-Off film festival during the summer of 2020.

He also published a book entitled Summoning Prosperity—Awakening the Creative Genius Within, which inspires its readers to go on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation. The goal here is to tap into your own inner genius and discover your highest potential in this life.

All of his projects have one goal in mind, and that is to inspire people and give them the tools they need to raise their vibrations and become the best versions of themselves.  Montross firmly believes that it is through creativity, natural medicine, social justice, and innovative thinking that the world will be able to solve some of its biggest challenges. He wants to inspire and motivate everyone to step up and fulfill their roles during these trying times when the world has drastically shifted.

Find out more about Ancient Antidotes and the multimedia designs of Eric Montross by checking out their website.

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