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Andrea Bosetti, a Social Media Coach in the Digital Space



Andrea Bosetti

A digital marketing expert and social media coach, Andrea Bosetti has achieved a lot of success in the digital space. However, he encountered many obstacles on the path of his success journey. It is due to his consistent efforts and courage through which Andrea Bosetti has achieved a great place in different entrepreneurial areas.

Ability to Take Risks and Try New Things

Andrea Bosetti started his journey in the business marketing world as an event manager. He had his first job at a discotheque and he used to organize different aspects of the weekly presentation. After graduating in Economics and Business, Andrea tried his luck in many entrepreneurial areas and gained success.

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Finally, in the year 2013, he founded Coverstore, a store for the design and commercialization of cell phone accessories. This venture taught him a lot about the marketing world and he used his experience to start a real estate business after selling Coverstore in 2018.

Diving into the Digital Marketing World

In order to teach businesses and people about digital marketing, Andrea Bosetti started an academy, Digital Marketing Mind in 2018. Through this academy, Andrea is teaching businesses about using social media to communicate in the digital space for their brand growth. Andrea Bosetti’s team offers services to companies to witness growth in the social media world.

Path of Mistakes, Risks, and Failures

On his entrepreneurial journey, Andrea Bosetti had to face a lot of setbacks and take risks to achieve a reputable position in his field. The digital marketing expert didn’t slow down after listening to the opinions of others and he continued to battle to get the results for his efforts as well as hard work.

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