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Brandon Cloter Winning in Real Estate Investment and Life



Brandon Cloter

Brandon Cloter, CEO Vudara Capital

The real estate market remains to be one of the most stable ways to build wealth today. Investing in the right markets at the right time almost always brings optimal results for investors everywhere. This narrative was undoubtedly the case for Brandon Cloter, REI, who has been making big bucks from his investments in the realty market.

Brandon is a full-time investor in real estate and other business ventures. He’s the CEO of Vudara Capital real estate company in the making that has turned in millions of dollars from flipping properties all over the United States. Brandon has sold and closed many real estate properties in the Houston, New York, and Miami areas. He knows when to come in and when to cash in for optimal profitability.

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Growing up, Brandon always had an affinity for hard work and entrepreneurship. He built a strong work ethic at an early age, learning how to earn his keep by working in bike stores and painting homes with his father as early as eleven years of age. He later discovered that he had a passion for business. This newfound fire led him to pursue a college degree in business administration, hoping to one day become a successful entrepreneur and employer.

After graduating, Brandon started working with different companies, taking on positions in sales and financing. As a team player dedicated to helping employers and the company reach higher levels of success, he climbed up the corporate ladder with very little friction. But Brandon always felt that he had a passion for entrepreneurship above all.

While dabbling with various options for business ventures, he discovered the real estate market. Seeing the opportunity to yield high profits, he put all that he was into understanding everything that he could about investing in real estate, building credit scores, learning how to know whether a property is a good investment or not, and so on. He worked hard to become a master investor and later on earned a certificate as a licensed real estate investor (REI).

Brandon has an uncanny talent for sales and communication. He has mastered the art of persuasion and uses it to hit new milestones in sales with every passing year. The serial entrepreneur has also used his communication skills to coach and mentor other people looking to explore the world of real estate. Brandon has created groups and communities throughout social and digital platforms where he regularly trains people in the art of sales and self-development.

The master investor and sales guru believes that it takes a fearless risk to rise to the next level. He is eager to learn and teach regardless of the number of times failure comes knocking at his door. To Brandon, setbacks are part of the process. He hopes that by carrying this mantra, he can inspire others who aspire to become entrepreneurs and real estate investors to have the same mindset as well.

Apart from investing in real estate, Brandon loves to back other business ventures as well. He’s an investor of Vasayo, an education platform that seeks to transform people’s lives physically, financially, and socially. He also has a vested interest in Tryp.

To learn more about Brandon Cloter, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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