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Flipkart, Qualcomm join hands to launch three new audio devices



Flipkart Qualcomm Launch 3 New Audio Devices

Flipkart Qualcomm Launch 3 New Audio Devices

Flipkart Qualcomm Launch 3 New Audio Devices. Chipset maker Qualcomm and Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart are joining hands to launch a range of wireless audio devices for the Indian market under the HRX brand.

HRX is expected to compete with other recent entries in the audio industry which includes Chinese companies Xiaomi and Realme. The exceptional classification of savvy sound arrangements is ruled by Apple and Samsung.

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The company has three new devices planned which includes two wireless neckbands and one truly wireless earbuds. The devices will be launched in a price range between 1,499 and 2,999.

For commotion scratch-off, the sound gadgets will include Qualcomm’s cVc innovation. According to the company, this tech not only provides voice clarity but also echo suppression on call.

Qualcomm will give the QCC30xx Bluetooth Audio SoCs for the new earbuds. This chipset, according to the company, also offers OEM customization, extended battery life, and better connectivity.

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