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How Amer Safaee goes the extra mile to make his Business Thrive



Amer Safaee

Amer Safaee, Founder and CEO of Bama Security Group Co, is among the World’s Top Entrepreneurs, leading a successful life as he expands his business – but it takes a certain level of mindset to attain what he has achieved.

About Amer Safaee

From an early age, Amer Safaee was brought up from a poor background. Born and raised in Afghanistan, for many of his peers, there was little opportunity to succeed.  Simply put, he was determined and would not give up on his ambitions to get to the next level.

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During his university studies, Safaee founded his IT business, Bama Security Group, which has grown internationally with operations in more than 5 countries. From the start, Safaee had a rigorous work ethic and set himself goals to get to where he wanted to go.

And he didn’t look back. Because he stayed focused on the bigger goals, even the setbacks didn’t prevent him from starting over and realizing what he was capable of.

A fan of luxury cars, fashion brands, and a keen horse-rider, Safaee has traveled around the world and forged opportunities for himself through networking and building rapport with his clients. Frequently flying between Dubai and London, Safaee knows a thing or two about making businesses succeed.

As an operator, Safaee works with his team to find a common goal and a balance that enables his company to expand, while providing a high level of service to his existing customers.

Offering a host of data security solutions for companies around the world, Safaee’s business has established itself by providing a tailored service and understanding the cultural differences between countries and their workforces.

Some of his tips on making a business thrive include finding a work-life balance, not giving up, staying true to one’s values, and getting back up when you find obstacles and challenges.

After so many setbacks throughout his career, Safaee has managed to come back stronger and continues to adapt to the emerging trends in the marketplace.

For Safaee, business is sacred, but it’s also important to remember to have balance in life, and to enjoy what it has to offer. For that reason, he has managed to make his company thrive. He is passionate about what he does, and entrepreneurs seeking to go the extra mile should look to his example and not forget that passion, a good work ethic, and having fun go a long way in making your success a reality.

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