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How Brother Ben X Digital Real Estate Program Helped Another Black Man



Brother Ben X

Brother Ben X, A single mother of two children currently living in a domestic violence shelter is transforming her life using Digital Real Estate.

After a traumatic upbringing, selling drugs from the age of 10, and serving time in jail, Tya Lucas did not believe that the quality of her life could improve. Many had written her off as a hapless drug addict without a future and for many years her life followed this trajectory of gloom, depression, and insecurity. However, her life took a drastic turn one evening when she discovered Digital Real Estate on an Instagram Live discussion hosted by Brother Ben X. While she was originally skeptical by the words spoken by the young man, thinking he was just about God and Final Call Newspapers she returned to his channel day after day until she was finally convinced after being brought on the life to subscribe to the Digital Real Estate program. Tya revealed she joined the life because one day he was talking about money and was raw, it was the money that attracted her but she ended up finding much more in the process. With a leap of faith Tya dug into her savings account and invested in the course and what she found blew her mind. “​There is so much content it’s crazy […] it’s so organized and detailed you cannot say that they left anything out […] the content, the value, the templates; everything you need is there to win​”

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“Had I seen the live discussion before going to school, I would never have gone to college” ​spoke Tya in an interview.​ “The course is so structured […] They give us all the game on our level of understanding with a vocabulary that we’re going to understand and take in”. One of Tya’s biggest fears going into the course was her doubt in her ability to assimilate the information provided in the course. As a single mother of two, living in a homeless shelter Tya had experienced several trials and tribulations in life which had not only undermined her level of truth in others but had completely eliminated her belief in God. With no family support, she felt overwhelmed and did not believe that she could absorb the information and turn it into working knowledge which would earn her an income. This was the point at which the ABS Tribe family was truly helpful she says. Unlike most courses which go straight into marketing and sales talk, Tya was surprised to find that she was embraced by an online community that offered her support to help her deal with her traumas and self-limiting beliefs and taught her how to overcome her niggling doubts. ​“These men were teaching me how to get up out of my situation and the amount I paid was not even enough… that night ​I found my WHY​”.

The ABS-Tribe is a supplement program that includes weekly life/business coaching by Brother Ben X & his partner Jake Tayler Jacobs to help the students mentally and spiritually push through and overcome their challenges. Their mission ultimately is to give life to the dead so this part is most important to them as business partners.

Feeling liberated from her past traumas, Tya now felt ready to take on her mission to help improve the lives of women coming out of incarceration by teaching them how to cook, lose weight and live healthier lifestyles. With the ABS team supporting her and a fresh mindset to tackle life, Tya felt emboldened to take her first steps in this new direction.

Following the Digital Real Estate program Tya now posts six times daily and finds that she has a waiting list of over 300 people to join her online cooking class. She earned her yearly salary, saving over $24k in just a single month. Since then she has now also eliminated her debt with Jake Tayler Jacobs’s private banking system and has also been hired to the ABS(Assets Before Splurging) company as a success coach. Is it time that you learn the skillset to make the most out of your talents using Digital Real Estate?

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