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How Media Simplified Is Taking the Lead Generation Industry



Media Simplified

Nicholas Friel, Media Simplified: Many large corporations have been able to take a step into using technological advancements, owing to the enormous revenue they’ve garnered over the years. And with this trend, small businesses have been following suit thanks to the accessibility we now have.

While it is easier to create businesses online, the challenge most business owners are posed with is generating leads and bringing in customers. While friends and family can put in a good word and share their businesses on social media platforms, owners can generate more leads with the help of marketers like Nicholas Friel.

Nicholas Friel is one of America’s Best Young Marketers who is widely recognized as an expert on New Customer Acquisition. A graduate of the University of Florida, Nicholas used his charm and wits to help several small businesses gain new customers. Nicholas’ youth gave him an edge over other marketers with his knowledge in using social media platforms.

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Because of the convenience that the internet provides, almost every business, brand, service, and product imaginable is already in the market. Business owners have to find ways to make theirs the go-to option for customers. Nicholas’ role is to convince people that his client’s products are the product they need.

The company he forks for, Media Simplified, has earned its reputation in the Lead Generation industry and taken the industry by storm. In less than four years, Nicholas was able to build two seven-figure businesses and help create massive success for hundreds of contractors around the country and even abroad.

Media Simplified works with a variety of businesses, ranging from home improvement businesses to mortgage and real estate. Being an online marketing company, Media Simplified specializes in social media management and designs advertisement campaigns to attract new campaigns. They use surveys to create landing pages that collect customer contact information as well as installing a scheduling page for the businesses and their customers to set up appointments. Apart from building an online presence for their customers, Media Simplified also has a program that allows their teams to train members of the staff.

The process Nicholas uses has been widely regarded as the most strategic approach to develop a new customer acquisition system of a ‘New Customer on Demand’ program. Nicholas uses algorithmic data to pair up veterans and realtor for a partnership. He advertises them on multiple platforms using a quiz to collect information, such as credit score, their zip code, and how much they are looking to get pre-approved.

Media Simplified has helped hundreds of businesses transition to the online world with massive success. This is due to the action-based Return on Investment (ROI) guarantee that they use. It directly measures the amount of return on their investment relative to the investment’s cost. Clients that follow their simple consulting guidelines are often guaranteed an ROI in 90 days or less.

As a leader in the Lead Generation industry, Media Simplified not only thrives on its success but trains others to follow their business model.

To know more about Nicholas Friel and Media Simplified, visit their website or connect with them on LinkedIn and  Instagram.

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