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Josh Lester has become Canada’s Youngest Business Owner



Josh Lester

Josh Lester has become Canada’s Youngest Business Owner

Being an effective door-to-door salesman is not a cup of tea for everyone. It requires great temperament and poise along with fabulous communication skills. Selling a product going from one customer’s door to another is a tedious job that requires a sold attitude. Facing the regular rejection of customers should not waver the salesman from doing his job effectively. There is one such man that got inspired by such rejections to become one of the youngest entrepreneurs of a leading door-knocking company; he is Josh Lester.

Josh Lester hails from Calgary, Alberta in Canada, and has created a successful sales company which is called ‘Exclusive Property Masters’. Josh Lester did not belong to a wealthy family and had the dream of becoming a hockey player. As his luck had it, Lester dropped out of school in 12 grade, and to survive, he took up working as a door-knocking salesman, and that changed his life. Lester had dreamt of a better life since his childhood and worked his efforts accordingly. Being rejected, the customers did not shake his resolve and he used it to get inspiration to work even harder. With resilience, positive attitude, and rigorous hard work, the young boy soon became one of the top 10 door-to-door salesmen of Canada.

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Soon after, in 2020, Lester became a co-owner in his door-to-door sales company “Exclusive Property Master”, which was once fully owned by his elder brother, Oliver. The sales hit the right numbers and Lester expanded his company by hiring and training hundreds of salespersons. Lester’s attitude encouraged his salesmen to respect him by taking the extra effort to boost sales. The company has been guided to thriving success and, in their quarter, revenues haven’t been less than a seven-figure sum in the last 2 years. Lester efficiently devised a plan to sell products to the customers with precision and has also created ways to keep his salesmen happy. He pays them $1000 a day, in return for working for 90-100 hours a week.

Lester aspires to build the largest door-to-door empire network and is considered one of the best closers. At just 19, Josh Lester wishes to keep growing his business in the demographic of 20-40 and with his never-give-up attitude has become one of Canada’s youngest entrepreneurs with his booming door-knocking sales company, making it the largest d2d empire.

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