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Josh Liljenquist Is Minnesota’s Biggest Social Media Influencer



Josh Liljenquist

Josh Liljenquist Influencer: Influencer marketing is a growing industry. Amid the heavily digitized economy, brands are turning to online personalities to promote and represent them in their target market. Not only does influencer marketing allow companies to tap more audiences, but it also provides them with a viable avenue to be present in a local community. Brands can easily detect who among the roster of influencers are genuine in representing the ideals of their companies and are always keen to find the best match for them.

About Josh Liljenquist Influencer

Josh Liljenquist is a Social Media Influencer. At 22 years old, he has reached over 1.9 million followers on TikTok, 43,000 followers on Instagram, and 15,000 subscribers on Youtube. On top of that, Josh has also authored three books published on Amazon. One of his books is called Instagram Masterguide, which is trending and a bestseller. Josh is growing his online community of followers at an exponential rate every day. He can capture online audiences throughout the country because of his talent to entertain.

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Currently, Josh is attending Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota, majoring in communication. He developed a particular discipline while in high school, garnering multiple track records. Josh is also venturing into the supplement business. The influencer also sees himself investing in public figures in the near future. Now, Josh started a company that produces all-organic workout drinks that help promote muscle recovery.

Josh is one of the biggest influencers in Minnesota. He came from a small town of 10,000 people where no one else has ever built a personal brand as vast as his. Josh follows exceptionally high standards and works ethic. His attitude reflects on his career growth. “I motivated myself to be the best I can. But I would say, people who doubt me have really pushed me to get to the next level,” the influencer said. Josh made it possible to grow his 3,000 followers on Instagram to 43,000 in a short span of two months, and he is capable of so much more.

But of course, beyond the stream of followers, Joshua understands that brands do not only pay attention to the numbers. After all, they are merely reflections of whether or not an influencer’s personality is appreciated and valued by the audiences. The most valuable asset any influencer can have is authenticity, and Joshua strives to stay true to himself in every content that he puts out to the world.

“Being in a small town does not mean you cannot go out there and achieve something you have always wanted. If you put in the work, the results will come with time. Stay motivated and be the best version of yourself,” Josh reminds other aspiring influencers. He said that taking the first step is always the hardest part. But once someone gets past the beginning, the stage is set, and the journey can propel from there. Josh knows that the road won’t be easy, but he is determined to build the lifestyle he dreams for himself.

Follow Josh Liljenquist’s journey through FacebookInstagramYoutube. Learn more about the incredible influencer on his Website.

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