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Martin Extraordinaire Guides Entrepreneurs to Success




There are certain paths in life that you are born to tread upon. That’s a fact that highly successful Martin Extraordinaire came to realize.

An American businessman hailing from Ohio, Martin can trace back his roots to a rocky start as he grew up while going from house to house. He was the kid who, during every season, could be seen either raking leaves, shoveling snow, and cutting grass. You name it, he’s done it. And most of the time, it was not even for the money. All his life, Martin has always found his escape in creating new things, armored with an entrepreneurial mindset. And for him, all that he did was to see if his ideas could resonate.

Martin’s life road made a turn that led him to enlist in the United States Marine Corps when he finished high school. Attached to an infantry battalion, he did a tour in Afghanistan and reached the rank of corporal. After four years of service, Martin made another swerve and ended up in college, graduating with a degree in business.

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Another turn in the road and Martin found himself as a store manager for a financial service business where he brought the numbers up in every category. His excellence in the field prompted him to realize that he was destined for much more. He was born to have something of his own.

Martin first started to leave his mark as an entrepreneur with a commercial cleaning company where he accumulated multiple cleaning contracts for car dealerships, banks, insurance companies, and office buildings. Then he went on to start businesses in several other fields, namely carpet cleaning, maid service, junk removal, and property preservation.

But his road to entrepreneurial success got littered with proverbial gold when he decided to start a dumpster rental business. This venture garnered Martin’s acclaims and financial victory, allowing him to set up a YouTube channel dedicated to inspiring other people about the dumpster rental business.

Currently, Martin is acknowledged to have developed one of the largest and most respected dumpster rental businesses in Central Ohio. He banked on his innate talent and the learnings he gained over the years. He teaches others about starting a dumpster rental business, and countless people all over the world have been guided in their journeys to success.

Martin Extraordinaire is distinguished for several reasons. Not only is the company one of the largest minority-owned dumpster rental businesses in Central Ohio (whose total sales have exceeded $1,000,000 since its inception), but Martin is also the world’s leading expert on how to start and operate a lucrative dumpster rental business. In addition, Martin has also written two books detailing how to start a company such as his. He is currently in the One Comma Club for ClickFunnels.

With all of these achievements credited to his name, it might be easy to assume that Martin has reached the end of his journey or that he has reached the peak. That couldn’t be more wrong. Day by day, he continues to motivate potential entrepreneurs into walking their own roads to financial success.

For more information on the entrepreneur, visit his Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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