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Mickey Lacoste and the Story Behind the Success of Section 8



Mickey Lacoste

Most people would think that there is a success formula behind the astonishing upward trend of the clothing brand Section 8. The admirable acceptance of the brand generated from clients in a short period of time is indicative of a well-thought-out plan that is working splendidly for the business. For company founder Mickey Lacoste, however, there is nothing uncommon to the strategies and approaches he used to grow his business except for his determination never to be trapped in a cubicle job ever again.

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He moved to LA in 2013 and started to use the application called Vine, a social networking short-form video hosting service where users could share six or seven second-long, looping video clips. It was only a matter of time until Lacoste became a sensational hit on social media due to his talent, innate charm, and obvious love for streetwear.

After his social media success, Lacoste started collaborating with other influencers and artists. Instantly seeing that his growing network held a lot of potentials, he developed an application company where he made games for well-known personalities like Soulja Boy—a famous rapper, record producer, and actor. The application company generated hundreds of thousands in revenue, prompting Lacoste to diversify and establish another business he calls Section 8 in August of 2017. Due to his strong network of influencers and artists like Tripe Red and Lil Pump, Section 8 became an instant hit among customers worldwide.

Even before he launched Section 8, Lacoste was known to enjoy getting new clothes whenever he could as it gave him one of the most fulfilling feelings possible. The inspiration behind his clothing line is partly due to his desire to provide his friends with cool clothes they can wear confidently. Additionally, he liked the idea of being his own boss.

“Ever since I can remember, I always had a passion for doing my own thing. I never listened to anyone or liked working for anyone else and would end up getting fired because I didn’t like the job. I was just doing it for money and eventually, I just got tired and finally worked on music and clothing,” Lacoste explains.

Due to his dedication as an entrepreneur and passion for comfortable and stylish clothing, Lacoste was able to develop one of the first hoodie brands that went viral on the market. While his artist and influencer friends were instrumental in helping his business succeed, it was also made possible by a lot of hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance coming from his end.

Developing his personal brand and clothing business was not bereft of any challenges from money issues to bad business partners and friends. Fortunately, Lacoste found a way to strengthen his business brands and cut off people in his life to move forward. Eventually, everything fell into place for him.

In spite of all the success he has achieved, Mickey Lacoste is not slowing down anytime soon. He is eyeing to establish a “fantasy factory” in the future by getting a bigger warehouse that offers fun. People can visit and play basketball and ride go-carts as well.

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