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Mike Ogbebor Success to Financial Freedom



Mike Ogbebor

Mike Ogbebor, 38, (@MikeInc__) has earned millions of dollars through investing in real estate, motivational speaking, as a wealth coach, and as a professional options trader. However, the self-taught entrepreneur’s greatest talent may be his ability to bring out the best in people, teaching them to make the most of their financial situations to create long-lasting wealth.

Any aspiring entrepreneur can learn a great deal from Mike. He has used his years of experience in business and investing to help countless people escape monotonous low-paying 9-5 jobs and has a goal of helping at least 20 people earn 1,000,000 dollars by 2022.

“As a millennial, it is important for me to share the knowledge I have learned to help other millennials achieve success outside of a 9-5 job,” says Mike.

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Mike Ogbebor received a few life-changing tips from mentors when beginning his entrepreneurial journey. One was to invest in real estate, as land always carries value. Another way to create multiple streams of income and to create a reliable team. He encourages all entrepreneurs to follow these tips, as they have allowed him to generate millions of dollars and to live a luxurious lifestyle most can hardly dream of.

Mike has overseen some of the best minds in real estate investment and finance and believes he can help any hard-working entrepreneur achieve their goals. He teaches thousands the keys to financial freedom through workshops, seminars, and live speaking tours.

For Mike, a positive mindset is essential to creating success. He has encountered a great deal of adversity both as an entrepreneur and as an immigrant to the United States but has never lost sight of his goals.

“Mindset is everything. You have to see the success in your mind before you can experience it,” says Mike. He quotes the famous Proverbs 23:7 saying, “as one thinketh so is he.”

At just 21-years-old, Mike took an incredible risk, leaving medical school to pursue his passion for business. Many questioned Mike’s decision and doubted his ability to create a successful life in business, but he chose to ignore the negative influences in his life. He stayed positive and worked relentlessly, determined to create a better life for him and his family.

Mike’s high-energy never-say-die attitude has been a large contributor to his success. His charismatic and powerful presence has captivated thousands, leaving them intrigued and eager to learn. Mike’s laser-like focus, zeal for hard work and total dedication to his craft inspire many, proving that with perseverance and commitment, anything is possible.

Mike has also founded a venture capital firm called Newline Investors, which focuses on helping entrepreneurs develop their business start-ups.

His following has grown immensely over the years, allowing Mike to foster creativity and innovation among his more than a million Instagram followers.

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