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Nathan Sanahuja, A Social Media Influencer



Nathan Sanahuja

You may not realize, but there are people out there who make money out of collaborating with brands and companies to promote their products to their followers. These people are known as social media influencers. They would go on television or the radio and use their celebrity status to promote products or brands to their audience. These were the original influencers.

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About Nathan Sanahuja & NS Media

NS Media

With the invention of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, people, regardless of whether they’re a celebrity, can build a group of followers and become social media influencers. There’s no size limit to how many followers you must have to become a social media influencer, and you may think the more, the better, but you’d be wrong!

Although having a million followers is a great start, having 100k that is 100% committed to a specific subject can be just as effective. The trick is connecting with a social media influencer that shares the same values as your brand and has a following that’s interested in your products.

The social media industry is continually evolving and changing. What works one day may be utterly irrelevant to the next. For many people, navigating social media can be a costly and time-consuming process.

Social media, brand management, and creating ads that perform can be a real minefield, but NS Media takes the guesswork out of your social media promotion.

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