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Peter Diamond Helping Business Owners With Quality CFO Services



Peter Diamond

Peter Diamond Helping Business Owners With Quality CFO Services

Peter Diamond: For many entrepreneurs who start their ventures, the processes involved in minimizing taxes, risk, exposure, and real estate structure and implementation can be quite intimidating, especially if one has no background in accounting whatsoever. It is for this reason that business owners opt to hire a reliable CFO to take care of the financial affairs of their company. Finding a CFO who has the necessary training, skills, and experience can be very challenging when there are so many to choose from.

Ideally, young entrepreneurs, consultants, and online marketers should have a standard guide when choosing a CFO who will be instrumental in growing their businesses. Among the qualifications that should be considered include the person’s eligibility to handle accounting work, work experience, and feedback from former clients.

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When it comes to quality CFO services for small and medium-sized companies, the name Peter Diamond is highly recommended by many satisfied clients. Diamond is a certified tax resolution specialist and a federally licensed tax, accounting, real estate, and structure expert with vast experience in providing financial advice to numerous clients belonging to different industries. He has over 14 years of unmatched experience where it concerns tax mitigation and intervention, strategic tax planning, financial forecasting, entity selection and structuring, and business consulting.

CFO Services

“Peter has worked closely along with me as I scaled my software company from its infant stages into a multimillion-dollar corporation. Peter was instrumental in overseeing the financials for the company and also critical in helping our sale to a publicly-traded company,” says Joseph Loomis, multi-millionaire investor, and entrepreneur.

A CFO’s role in an organization is very significant as growing businesses avoid increasing their expenses by not hiring highly paid employees. Unfortunately, companies also need the expertise of these types of employees. Diamond is able to meet the needs of businesses by offering financial services that can launch the business forward without having to spend too much.

As a part-time CFO, Diamond institutes company-wide key performance indicators (KPI), does cash flow management, preparation of financial statements, bank relationships, bills payment, invoicing clients, payroll management, employee expense tracking, and business and personal tax returns. Having a reliable CFO on board guarantees that businesses do not get financial surprises along the way. Finances are safely guarded and monitored, needed reports are consistently generated, and expenses are easily controlled.

Diamond’s roster of clients includes businesses that are into real estate, consultancy services, restaurants, construction, software development, and manufacturing, to name some.

Aside from CFO services, Diamond is also well experienced in real estate and can provide assistance for many types of transactions and investments. Whether clients intend to buy, sell, or simply fortify their real estate investment portfolios, Diamond and his team can assist clients effectively.

Moreover, Peter Diamond is also a known expert in Internal Revenue Service dealings such as IRS appeals, income, and payroll taxes, Offer in Compromise (OIC), tax liens, and levies.

Learn more about financial independence and minimizing taxes, liabilities, and risks by visiting Peter Diamond’s Website.

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