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Ratan Jha Says Digital Marketing is no more ‘just’ an option



Ratan Jha

Ratan Jha Says Digital Marketing is no more ‘just’ an option

Ratan Jha aka Marketing Strategist.  And according to the popular Digital Marketing Strategist, Ratan Jha, in these times of pandemic especially there is not much option left than to up the digital game.

Digital marketing consultants are a good investment. They will give professional advice which will give definite results. Nevertheless, even if one doesn’t hire a consultant and decides to work on their own, they should be avoiding vague digital plans. A proper digital strategy is a must.

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Marketing Strategist

Essentially a brand should also know what to avoid doing during digital marketing.”

Here it will be best if one has a knowledgeable partner who can help to develop a cohesive and effective digital marketing strategy for the brand. In this way, money won’t get wasted on carrying out strategies that won’t work for the brand.

The metrics are important but which ones, that is necessary to understand. We need to understand how much time a person spent on the site and pages to get an idea about potential business.

It is necessary to put the right amount of time and resources on the correct strategy.

How much budget can sustain how many days of digital marketing? Does the business need a short, medium, or long term plan? How many funds need to be allocated?

A good, mapped out strategy will make sure the elements are built in such a way that they survive months and even years.

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