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Ravi Ganatra is the emerging Entrepreneur Of Shining India



Ravi Ganatra

In a shining and emerging India, a talented, smart & passionate entrepreneur Ravi Ganatra makes his belief in the Make-in-India campaign come true.

Ravi Ganatra – a name that appears at the top in the list of emerging entrepreneurs, making India shine with his high approach and a generous heart. Mr. Ganatra is a Mumbai-based entrepreneur who started his career in 2012 with manufacturing amusement rides.

Soon, with his intellectual approach, he moved on to steel trade under his new venture “Stalwart International Private Limited.” Later, with his outstanding achievements and hard work, he got the Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year in Product or Manufacturing Business – Engineering Award.

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With a graduation degree in engineering and post-graduation in management, he pursues his dream to take India to new heights of success in the world. In the period of Covid-19, where industries are collapsing and industrialists are discussing economic slowdown, Ravi Ganatra holds an unwavering faith in the nation’s workforce. He is confident about the youth’s skill sets and allied strengths of the entire nation. This makes Ravi Ganatra a visionary leader who is happily recruiting and constructively leading his organization into a glorious future.

In one interview, Mr. Ganatra stated, “it’s of utmost importance to align the vision of every person with that of your own if you’ve got to reach somewhere within a preset timeframe.” His statement reflects his success formula, focus on time and vision alignment; clearly giving a message to budding entrepreneurs out there.

And when it comes to moving further, his quest for advancements is insatiable. Mr. Ganatra might have a mind of a businessman but he surely possesses a humanitarian personality. In this crucial phase of COVID-19, Ravi believes in serving people to the best of his ability. Mr. Ganatra feels that his act of kindness is not selfless by any means as it is extremely fulfilling for himself. Modesty and humility personified.

Beneath the businessman lies a perfect family man who is addicted to fitness and appreciates Latin art forms.

How you contribute to helping Covid-19 frontline workers?

The frontline workers of Covid-19 play a vital role in restricting its spread. For every frontline individual, the protective equipment and sanitation are being distributed.

All the frontline workers, including paramedical staff, police officers, municipal workers, and others, stand in the line of duty, risking their lives.

How have you planned your financial strategies during the pandemic?

The strategy for a pandemic is clearly to be conservative with expenses and investments while ensuring no salary pay-cuts or layoffs. We strongly believe that the country will emerge well in no time and that the economic slowdown is only temporary.

How do you make sure your staff’s payment isn’t affected during these tough times?

We continue to operate partially as permissible guidelines and also encourage working from home. This keeps us afloat while passing through testing times.

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