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Sharod Brown, AKA Carolina Spill: Personal Struggle in Rap



Sharod Brown

Sharod Brown has had his share of troubles and hardships throughout his life, but he is ready to use those parts of his past and present as fuel for his budding music career. The loss of loved ones, stints in prison, and constantly moving around the Southeast United States have brought Brown to where he is today.

Born and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina, a city with a population of just over 13,000, Sharod Brown could never quite find his groove in the slow pace of his hometown. After he lost his brother suddenly, he began to look for ways out of Beaufort. His expulsion from school in 9th grade led to a close friend of his taking him into Atlanta for a weekend. “When I got there, I’d never felt so much at home.

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Throughout the past decade, Sharod Brown has gone through a few stints in Georgia and South Carolina prisons and has experienced the loss of his mother. Brown is ready to take his past hardships and put them into his storytelling, which is an essential part of his music. “I grew up off lyrical artists like Jay Z, Beanie Segal, Jadakiss…,” said Brown. Sharod is looking to add his name to this list of rap legends and isn’t letting anyone slow him down. “Never tell yourself you can’t do something until you actually put yourself there, to say I’ve tried it and it won’t work for me.”

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