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Stephan Walouch who found his success from eCommerce Dropshipping



Stephan Walouch

While society forces us to undergo education and get a job that pays us well, few want to do things differently. Some people want to break the rules and be their own boss. The 19-year-old Stephan Walouch is a prime example of a man who took charge of his own destiny.

Stephan is from Austria and currently based in Cyprus. He was a rule-breaker as a kid. The school wasn’t his thing, and he never believed that the teacher in front of him could change his life. He thought that if he set his mind on something, he could do it.

The 19-year-old decided long ago that he would not follow the traditional system of education. He wanted to break the stereotypes. So, he got into a lot of trouble in school. But he soon completed his school and got into the job of  IT Technician. He did this job for two and a half years.

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However, he was 18 years old by then. Stephan did not feel satisfied working for someone. He wanted to do something on his own. So, he started building niche Instagram sites and affiliate marketing while he was an IT technician. He tried a lot of business models like Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing / Creating a Marketing Agency.

But soon, he learned about Dropshipping. And in 2017, he launched his first dropshipping store. He worked hard and earned 10.000$ in his first month. Two years later, he gained $360,000k in sales in a month (30% net margin). His investment bore fruits, and he became quite successful at a young age.

Stephan was never interested in a 9-5 job, but now he is his own man. He believes in this digital age, and anyone can learn a skill if they want to. Consistency and hard work are the keys to success.

You can connect with Stephan Walouch on Instagram

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