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The collaboration of Spthegz and Voice’s art has set them up




All partners share their expertise and skill to come together to create, a product or art, and reap rewards of the collective efforts. The same applies to the art of music. Two people with different musical sensibilities come together, and produce a piece of music that has all the top-notch qualities of both the musicians. The musical duo has collaborated on more than 100 songs together and entertained the listeners to some of the best modern rap songs in recent history. Spthegz first jumped into the hip hop scene in 2015, with his enigmatic aura and powerful knowledge about the sound and the music in the industry. He worked on some of the most important albums by big artists such as Drumma Boy, Project Pat, Big Trill, Lil Johnny, King Shooter, and 2 Milly. Voice, on the other hand, is one of the most emerging artists on the rap scene. He is blessed with a terrific voice and has an exemplary reach as a vocalist.

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Voice provides a trap-informed rap style which is very unique and grabs the audiences eardrums, immediately. The track feels silky and full of chills, which the modern rap fans will get hooked to. It is bound to play on a loop once you hear it out. The song is about acquiring the love of a sweet woman, and it comes across as highly potent and sincere. Birkin Girl’ has already released on all major streaming platforms and will provide a smooth flavor which will lead to an instant connection with its listeners.

The major factor of the success of the latest single is also the fact that both artists have colossal trust in one another. They both know their potential and do not interfere in one anothers field of expertise. The mutual admiration and trust have built a partnership that is churning out some of the best songs in recent memory.

The latest songs glaring success has pushed them on the cusp of stardom which is fully deserved.


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