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Vaccine for COVID-19 can’t be expected this year



COVID - 19 Vaccine

COVID – 19 Vaccine

An antibody for COVID-19 can’t be normal before ahead of schedule one year from now as the procedure includes a lot of clinical preliminaries and information testing, a high ranking representative of CSIR-CCMB said on Saturday, a day after ICMR said it means to dispatch the world’s first COVID-19 immunization by August 15. Rakesh K Mishra, Director of CSIR-Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, said the ICMR’s letter in such manner might be for inside utilization and planned for squeezing emergency clinics to prepare for clinical human preliminaries. It is not like a drug that if somebody is sick you give and see if it is cured or not,” Mishra told PTI when asked about the possibility of the vaccine becoming ready by August 15.

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Maybe by the beginning of the next year if the vaccine clicks, we can expect. Not before that. Before that (it is) very unlikely as far as I understand,” Mishra said. He said thousands of people are given vaccines during clinical trials and one has to wait for the data and results, which normally takes months. To a query, he said CCMB is currently doing 400-500 COVID-19 tests every day and had sent proposals to the ICMR for undertaking a new way of testing, which will consume less time and manpower. But there are limitations that you cannot go beyond certain numbers. But we had proposed to the ICMR a new way of testing. It is a shorter method. It can be done in a safer way and will take half the time. It is much less expensive and less human resources required. We are waiting for the ICMR to give an advisory on that,” he said.

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