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VACLESS SYSTEMS Inc is Growing Day by Day





Hassan Hamza says, ”the demand for residential orders is growing but we still have too many swimming pools in America which are unsafe due to the lack of safety equipment. Awareness is necessary in order to make it mandatory for pools to utilize safety products. As we have seen in many cases, a swimming pool can lead to a nightmare of a loved one drowning.”

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After more than 40 years working on safety for aerospace and pool organizations, Hassan Hamza decided to use his knowledge and creativity to invent an easy and accessible product that saves lives. In 2007, Hassan Hamza launched VACLESS SYSTEMS Inc. creating a swimming pool safety product called an SVRS. Hassan and his team are committed to providing safety around the world from his office in Los Angeles California.

Hassan Hamza

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So, What is an SVRS and Why is it needed?

An SVRS stands for a Safety Vacuum Release System. You know that ”fun” spot of the swimming pool where kids play by putting their hands or feet to get sucked in? Well, that is exactly where it can quickly turn into a deadly vacuum. This is when an SVRS device works and saves lives. The SVRS product is attached to the pump and automatically switches off the pump, immediately releasing the entrapped person and saving his/her life.

VACLESS SYSTEMS Inc. products are currently available online at,, and in all Leslie’s Pool Supplies stores throughout America. For more information visit

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