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Why Credit Cards Are A Secret Weapon To Help You Travel More



Credit Cards

Few know the power they hold in their wallets with their credit cards. When approached the right way, the rewards and perks attached to certain credit programs can provide a luxury travel lifestyle to anyone with a fair credit score. Colin Yurcisin is the Founder of Credit Class and has been named the “Credit King” for helping his students and followers capitalize on the many rewards and benefits that credit can provide. Specifically, Yurcisin has learned how to leverage credit to travel more frequently and tap into luxury, five-star accommodations for his travels: for hotels, flights, and experiences.

“If you love to travel and want to do so in luxury, I always recommend looking into the credit cards that specifically offer travel-oriented rewards and benefits,” shared Yurcisin. He learned the ins and outs of traveling perks when he first became interested in credit cards.

“After a summer abroad in Barcelona, I knew I always wanted to spend my life jet setting to luxury destinations and exploring the world,” he said. “I know that’s a value that many others share with me.

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Redeem points for flights.

 There are a few credit cards that were custom-made for travelers because of the perks and points that they offer for travel-related purchases. One that Yurcisin shares in his Credit Class are the Chase Sapphire Reserve, which offers 3X points on all travel and dining. Spend $400 on a flight? That translates to 1200 points. Spend $250 on a dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower? That translates to 750 points.

When booked through these credit cards’ reward programs, these points can be applied for major discounts and even total compensation for future flights. “Chase Sapphire Reserve also offers 50 percent more in travel redemption. So, if you just spent $5,000 on your recent trip to the Bahamas and secured 15,000 points because of the 3X rewards, you now have $225 to apply towards your next adventure because points are worth 1.5X more when redeemed through travel on the Reserve,” explained Yurcisin.

Access hotel upgrades.

 It isn’t just getting cash back or stacking up the points — these credit card programs offer hotel upgrades, too. “For example, American Express Platinum grants its members gold status at Hilton and Marriott resorts, which means they are eligible for upgrades at check-in,” shared Yurcisin. “Through American Express’ Fine Hotel and Resorts program, there are even better perks alongside the upgrade at check-in, such as free breakfast credit for two and a $100 credit to be used at the resort.”

There are certain rooms that are eligible for upgrades, and if they’re available, the hotel’s receptionists will upgrade your room entirely for free. This is how Yurcisin and his students have accessed incredible suites in luxury destinations – for no added costs when their neighbors down the hall are paying full price.

Get access to airport lounges

 There are more perks, too – such as access to airport lounges. American Express Platinum has its esteemed Centurion Lounge in many of the major airports, which offers perks like free drinks handcrafted by mixologists, seasonal cuisine, private workspaces, and flat-screen TV’s. So, if you’re stopping through an airport for a layover before your connection to Turks and Caicos or if you want to get to the airport an hour earlier so you can have a classic cocktail before boarding your flight, the Centurion Lounge is there — and allows two guests to join you for free.

Other credit cards can also grant access to lounges such as the Priority Pass collection or United Club. “It’s all about being smart with rewards that are available to you,” said Yurcisin. “If you’re going to spend the money to travel anyway, why shouldn’t you use credit cards to your advantage to access luxury lounges and room upgrades?”

To learn more about how to bump your credit score, which credit cards to get in which order, and how to leverage credit for your business and personal goals, take Yurcisin’s Credit Class.

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